Publication List of Kwang-Jen Hsiao, Ph.D.  (蕭 廣 仁 教 授)

Other Publications

1. Hsiao KJ, Chou CK.  Evaluation of a mass screening program for colorectal cancer in Taiwan.   Medicine Today 1981;8:29-37. (in Chinese) [ PDF ]

2. Tai JJ, Hsiao KJ.  Missuse of statistics - with discussion in how to perform a clinical trial.   J Chinese Stat Assoc 1985;23:10796-9. (in Chinese) [ PDF ]

3. Chung HJ, Hsiao KJ.  Mass screening of liver cancer by determination of alpha-fetoprotein in dried blood spots collected on filter paper.  Bull Assoc Lab Med 1988;3:1-3. (in Chinese) [ PDF ]

4. Chiang SH, Hsiao KJ, Chiu PC.  Neonatal screening.  In: Chen HY, Hsieh FJ, Hsieh TT, eds.  Trends in Perinatology. Taipei: Ho Chi Book Publishing Co. 1993;497-510. (in Chinese) [ PDF ]

5. Chiang SH, HsiaoKJ.  Neonatal screening of inborn metabolic diseases.  In: Huang LH, et al.  Genetic Health.  Taipei: Farseeing Publishing Co., Ltd. 1996; 97-115. (in Chinese) [ PDF ]

6. Hsiao KJ.  Preventation of genetic disease-Inborn error of metabolic disease screening in Taiwan.  In Chen YM, ed.  Preventive Medicine.  Taipei: Society of Preventive Medicine (R.O.C.) 1996;33-55. (in Chinese) [ PDF ]

7. Yang UC, Hsiao KJ.  Bioinformatics.  In Lin JY, ed.  Advanced Biotechnology.  Taipei: Ministry of Education 1998;35-55. (in Chinese) [ PDF ]

Hsiao KJ.  Laboratory quality control procedures of the maternal blood tests for screening of Down's syndrome.  In Hsieh FJ, ed.  Perinatology.  Taipei: Jyu Jing Culture Publishing Co. 1999;92-5. (in Chinese) [ PDF ]


Chiang SH, Hsiao KJ.  Neonatal screening of inborn metabolic diseases.  In: Weng RH, et al.  Genetic Health. 2nd ed.   Taipei: Farseeing Publishing Co., Ltd. 2003;217-50. (in Chinese)

蔣思慧,蕭廣仁. 新生兒先天代謝異常疾病篩檢. 翁瑞亨等著. 優生保健, 二版. 台北:華杏. 2003;217-50 [ PDF ]


Liu TT, Hsiao KJ.   Phenylketonuria, Propionic acidemia, Methylmalonic acidemia.  In: Sun KH, Tsai YC, eds.  Molecular Diagnostics.  Taipei: Ministry of Education  2003;180-204. (in Chinese)

劉孜孜,蕭廣仁. 苯酮尿症,丙酸血症,甲基丙二酸血症. 孫光蕙,蔡英傑主編. 分子檢驗. 台北:教育部. 2003;180-204. [ PDF ]


Chiang SH, Shiao YS, Hsiao KJ. Prospective of neonatal screening. In: Lee ML, ed. Metabolic Disorders: Taiwan Experience. Taipei: Department of Health 2004; 29-52. (in Chinese)

蔣思慧,蕭郁詩,蕭廣仁. 新生兒篩檢:未來展望. 李明亮主編. 代謝性疾病:台灣經驗. 台中:衛生署國民健康局. 2004; 29-52. [ PDF ]


Chiang SH, Hsiao KJ. Assessment of the screening items in the neonatal screening program for congenital metabolic diseases in Taiwan. In Lin SJ, ed. Genetic Health and Rare Diseases Studies. Taichung: Bureau of Health Promotion 2007; 63-94. (in Chinese)

蔣思慧,蕭廣仁. 國內新生兒先天代謝異常疾病篩檢項目增減可行性之探討. 林秀娟主編. 優生保健暨罕見疾病防治學術論文集. 台中:衛生署國民健康局. 2007; 63-94. [ PDF ]


Chiang SH, Hsiao KJ. Inter-laboratory quality assurance program for neonatal screening and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency confirmatory tests. In Lin SJ, ed. Genetic Health and Rare Diseases Studies. Taichung: Bureau of Health Promotion 2007; 197-220. (in Chinese)

蔣思慧,蕭廣仁. 新生兒篩檢檢驗及葡萄糖六磷酸鹽去氫酵素 (G6PD) 缺乏症確認檢驗之品質保證. 林秀娟主編. 優生保健暨罕見疾病防治學術論文集. 台中:衛生署國民健康局. 2007; 197-220. [ PDF ]


Chiang SH, Hsiao KJ. Neonatal screening of inborn metabolic diseases. In: Liu TK, et al. Genetic Health. 3rd ed. Taipei: Farseeing Publishing Co., Ltd. 2010; 247-92. (in Chinese)

蔣思慧,蕭廣仁. 新生兒先天代謝異常疾病篩檢. 劉丹桂等著. 優生保健, 三版. 台北:華杏. 2010; 247-92. [ PDF ]


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